Friday, April 6, 2012

Jessna is 11 months old!

Jessna has had another stellar month of milestones.

*She has 4 teeth (2 top, 2 bottom, all in front).
*Rolling over and sitting up.
*She crawls EVERYWHERE.
*She climbs.
*She pulls up.
*She eats almost the same food as Shrade.

Teeth picture!

So, if you have been following Jessna since birth, you know that she was a very fussy baby from about 6 weeks on.  I am now proud to say that she is no longer that baby.  She is happy and laughing all the time.  She squeals when she sees Shrade running and she has lots of tickle places.  Besides the crying about teething, she has become a pleasant and playful little girl!  Yay!   It has been so fun to see her start moving and exploring.  I am sure on my toes now.  She is crawling swiftly around the house after Shrade.  And Shrade is also learning how to share and be gentle with his sister.

One thing that Jessna is really showing is her love for music.  She is starting to bounce, shake her head and wiggle her body when she hears music.  She also claps her hands, laughs and squeals. And she absolutely LOVES bath time.  I think I get as wet as she does after all that splashing.   She is so much fun!

Shrade is having fun playing peek a boo with Jessna.  Their squeals are priceless!

If you are reading this in an email click HERE to see the video:

Here is Shrade at 11 months!   Some of these pictures look so much like Jessna.

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