Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Romans 8 Memorized (Vlog)

About 4 months ago I was feeling like I really wanted to dig deeper into God's Word.  That's when Do Not Depart put out the challenge to memorize all of Romans 8.  I was excited and a bit nervous.  I hadn't memorized anything that long in awhile!  But I felt that this was such a great chapter in the Bible to know that I took that challenge.  I did pretty well for the first few months, but when the New Year started, I slacked off.  So about 3 weeks ago, I realized that I was very far behind and I decided to catch up and memorize the last 20 verses.  I don't recommend this.  Anyway, when I say the whole thing through I am struck by the awesome story that God came to save everyone and he planned for us to desire him above all else!  When I say it, the last verse just brings me to tears.  I am so excited to be hiding God's Word in my heart and I will keep doing this for as long as I live!

Here's my vlog:

My next endeavor will be John 1:1-14.  You can join too!  We start April 8.


Annette Whipple said...

First, that was amazing.

Second, it was sweet to hear your voice!

Lisa notes... said...

Yea Shonda!!! What a blessing to see and listen to you recite Romans 8. Wow. You have been such an encouragement to me.

After about a bajillion tries this morning, I got a vlog done too. Will put it up in a little while even though it is FAR from perfect. ha.

Joyce said...

Great job Shonda!!

Amy said...

That was so great to see you recite Romans 8. Great job!

Katie Orr said...

YAY! It's been so fun to run this journey with you! Thanks for sharing your vlog with us!!

Sheila @ Seasoned Joy said...

Way to go! That was fun to watch. :)