Thursday, March 1, 2012

The New Green Smoothie Diet by Hilary Greenleaf Book Review and Giveaway!!

When I was in high school, I had to drink this "green" drink from the doctor to flush out my system for something.  It was the worst thing I ever had!  It tasted like grass.  I never dared try anything like that again!  However, I am not an adult and I am starting to experiment again with healthy smoothies.  I am not put off by the "green" because the fruit that is added makes the whole drink sweet!  I was delighted to review The New Green Smoothie Diet: Going Green Never Tasted So Good by Hilary Greenleaf.  Hilary Greenleaf is an author, educator, and nutritionist. She is the leading authority on organic foods and is considered America’s #1 Organic Expert. Her work has helped her audience improve its health and find new energy in life. She has worked as a personal trainer, a nutrition consultant, and a writing teacher, both as a personal coach and as a university lecturer. She is the author of eight books, and has been sent on travel writing assignments to Russia, Japan, Germany, and Thailand. 

This book that just came out is full of good information regarding nutrition and what kinds of smoothies work for weight loss, detox, increasing energy, fighting heart disease, preventing certain cancers, boosting the immune system, protecting against diabetes, making skin and hair beautiful and many tips about how to make green smoothies effective.  There were 22 smoothie recipes included and most with vegetables and fruits that are readily available.  There are no secret ingredients like powders or extras like sugar.  All ingredients are natural and water is used for the liquid.  I was excited to try several different types of smoothies.  Check out what I made and my thoughts.

Blackberry Lettuce Smoothie
Main ingredients: lettuce, blackberries, apple/banana

Spinach Smoothie
Main ingredients: spinach, peach, banana

Skin Detox Smoothie
Main ingredients: spinach, strawberries, blackberries, celery

Instant Energy Smoothie
Here's before I blend!

Main ingredients: banana, peach, spinach, cilantro, blueberries, grapes

I was completely surprised at how refreshing and delicious tasting these smoothies were.  They are nothing like the "green" drink I had in high school.  I'm certain to make these smoothies a regular part of my diet.  I especially liked adding cilantro which is something I would never have thought of.  These truly are some of the best smoothies ever and they come right from what I have in my kitchen.

I really enjoyed all the information that Hilary provided in this book.  It was easy to read and gave a wealth of knowledge that is very beneficial to having a healthy lifestyle.  I tried 4 different smoothies and I'm very impressed with how well the ingredients blended together to make a fabulous drink!  I even had my son try a few of them.  He said, "Mmm, more!"  So I suggest that you get this little book and start your smoothie journey!  It's well worth it for your health.  

*This product was provided to me free of charge for purpose of this review. This is my honest opinion of this book and no monetary compensation was received for my opinion.*

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Linda said...

I have an exceptional touchy stomach, and would love to try the green smoothies. I have a friend who survived on them when going through chemo for double breast cancer.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Rohrbachs said...

Looks Yummy!!!! I have never tried a smoothie like that before and would be interetsed in trying these.

Milena Barrett said...

I'm a big fan of green drinks! I would love to check out this book for more recipes. they look good!

Kite Koop Keeper said...

I am really intrigued. I make smoothies often and even have a juicer. With the very recent discovery of my mom's colon tumor (yesterday), I really want to learn more about detoxing and preventing cancers through juices and smoothies. Thanks for this chance, Shonda!

PaisleyLane said...

My father died of cancer 2 yrs ago. I bought him a juicer and he never used it. I now have it and have been wanting to do something like this! This book seems like "Just what the Dr. ordered!", lol

Thanks for having this GiveAway Shonda!

Robin : )

Allison said...

I just started juicing last week and would live more recipes. I currently just throw fruit in but am scared to toss in veggies too.

Rebecca said...

I've been doing green smoothies for a few months a like them very much. I'l like to learn more about them and your review makes this book sound like just the place to start!