Monday, July 12, 2010

Completing Him Challenge: Priorities

This morning I sat down and asked my husband what his top 5 priorities are for me as his wife and mother to our son.  I gave him a few examples, but he mostly came up with his own list.  It was pretty much what I expected (I know my hubby well), but it also gave me some goals that I can work on.  There was one topic that came up about teaching our son and we are going to have a more in depth conversation about that at another time.  I'm so glad my husband opened up and shared his goals and heart for our home.  Now, I need to make a little plaque somewhere so I can remember them everyday.  (I chose not to post my list because it is personal). 

I encourage you to have a chat with your husband and get your own list.  If you need ideas just head over to Woman Living Well and read all the other testimonies.  I feel so blessed everytime I read what others are doing to make their marriage better!

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Adriel Booker said...

it's so good to be deliberate every now and then to talk about your goals and priorities and values isn't it? parenting has really helped ryan and to be sure to do this more!