Monday, June 20, 2016

The Memory Book DVD Review

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Chloe Davenport is a photographer and innocently picks up a Memory Book at a Swap Meet.  She thumbs through the book and decides to buy it.  She takes it home and begins to try to unravel the mystery of the couple in the pictures. They seemed so in love and kept special memories of their times together.   She meets Gabe who is a willing friend who likes adventure and decides to help Chloe track down this mysterious couple.  They go all over San Francisco to places from the pictures.  They also meet a lot of special people along the way that give them moments to enjoy with them and with each other.  Gabe begins to fall for Chloe who is still unsure about love.  Then they finally meet the mysterious couple, Sarah and Jonathan.  Their story of a wedding that never happened gave Chloe an idea.  Will Chloe open her heart to Gabe and will this couple make love come true even after all these years?

Check out The Memory Book DVD from FishFlix online.  This sweet Hallmark movie is sure to tug some heart strings.  I really enjoyed the special moments and fun adventures that Chloe and Gabe experienced.  They really connected in making a mystery come alive.  I really enjoyed the ending and I love the idea of creating my own Memory Book.  This movie was romantic, adventurous with some laughs and also a few heartaches.  It's one to please any romantic soul. 

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