Monday, September 9, 2013

How to Get Ahead with Real Food Make-Ahead Meals (e-course and ebook now available!) with Heavenly Homemakers

Hi Everyone!  You know I'm a big fan of Heavenly Homemakers and I also love to make meals ahead of time.  But if you are like me and want to get really good at it, there is a new e-course and ebook available right now.  I'm planning on getting some friends together to make freezer meals happen for more than just myself!  How about you?  Check out these great resources provided by Heavenly Homemakers:

Get out your mixing bowls, Pyrex, and freezer bags!  The Let’s Do This! Getting Ahead in Your Real Food Kitchen eCourse and {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook are now available for purchase!  Join me as together we get ahead and save time (and money) while we feed our families healthy, delicious food!
The Let’s Do This! eCourse answers your questions about Getting Ahead in Your Real Food Kitchen:
  • I can’t even keep up – how am I supposed to get ahead?
  • I don’t have freezer space for freezer cooking, how I can I make this work?
  • Will this actually help me save money on food?
  • Will this really save me time and energy?
  • How can this work for me if I’m not an organized person?
  • My family is picky.  Will this frozen food taste good?
  • I want to get ahead, but I don’t even know where to start…
Even if you already have a pretty good idea of how to work ahead in the kitchen to prepare meals and snacks ahead of time to make life easier – I still believe you will benefit from these resources.  After all, you can never have too many healthy, make-ahead recipes!
The Let’s Do This! Getting Ahead in Your Real Food Kitchen eCourse includes five simple but detailed lessons:
  1. Getting Ahead for the Day
  2. Getting Ahead for the Week
  3. Getting Ahead With Meals and Snacks
  4. Getting Ahead During Spare Moments for Busy Moments
  5. Using Your Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks
Within each lesson, you will be given loads of practical tips and information, online links, downloadable worksheets and planners, and plenty of down-to-earth encouragement.  Each lesson includes a brand new, exclusive recipe not found on my website or in any of my books.  (Sweet and Sour Meatballs, Creamy Salsa Enchilada Casserole – plus three more delicious recipes you’ll love!)  In addition, I’ve recorded short videos for each lesson so that you can watch me in action – getting ahead in my real food kitchen.
sour_cream_enchiladas (1)
This Sour Cream Enchiladas (in Lesson Two of the Let’s Do This! eCourse)
recipe is SO easy to make, and has now become a family favorite.
This entire eCourse costs only $5 – total!  Your purchase will allow you unlimited, lifetime access to all of this information.  These lessons are online – or print them out if you prefer.  There is no limit to how many of you can take the eCourse, nor is there a time commitment.  Work through the lessons at your own pace, on your own time, in the middle of the night, while your kids are napping, in the morning, in the evening -  whenever works for you.

While the eCourse includes helpful information to help you get ahead in the kitchen, plus five great new Make-Ahead recipes, we couldn’t just stop there.  To go along with the Let’s Do This! eCourse, we put together an eBook filled with 33 more easy, healthy, real food recipes – all of which can be put together and set aside or frozen to be served when you need them.  We’ve got you covered through breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.  Only a few of these recipes can be found on my website – most of them are brand new and only found in the {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook!
Here are the recipes you’ll find in the {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook:
MAMS contents
All of these recipes have now become family favorites.  I love keeping the freezer and fridge well stocked with great, easy foods my family loves!
Here’s more exciting news:  Within the {Healthy} Make-Ahead Meals and Snacks eBook, you will find over $14 worth of savings on other products in our Heavenly Homemakers Shop.  The Bonus Section of the eBook includes additional free printables as well.  It’s too good a deal to pass up!


Want them both?  We highly encourage it – as owning both the eCourse and the eBook will offer you a wealth of Getting Ahead in Your Real Food Kitchen information!  That’s why we’ve packaged them up and knocked a couple dollars of the price of the package.  And don’t forget the additional coupons worth $14 you’ll receive with the purchase!


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