Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Positive Life Principles for Women by Karol Ladd Book Review

Positive Life Principles for Women: 8 Simple Secrets to Turn Your Challenges into Possibilities by Karol Ladd is very quick read to discover 8 principles that are foundational for moving toward a positive lifestyle.  Karol visits with 8 Biblical women who went through some tough challenges, yet were able to make wise choices beyond human capacity because of their solid faith in God.  Although,  some of these women did not discover their true calling and are used a example of what not to do.  The topics (chapters)  covered are dealing with doubts, changing our focus, living with contentment, guarding our mouths, stepping forward with courage, thinking beyond ourselves, responding with wisdom, and trusting God.  Each chapter ends with a Positive Truth, a Plan of Action, how to Pay it Forward, a Bible verse to Place it in Your Heart and Discussion Starters. 

Karol has wonderful way of drawing a positive spin on everything she writes.  That is why she is the Positive Lady.  I am always uplifted when I read her books.  This book was unique in that she took the challenges of several Biblical characters and tied them to the things we face as modern day women.  They are not too far apart!  In fact, we have so much in common with women of the Bible.  But what I found most helpful was the Plan of Action at the end of each chapter.  I love principles, but I need to know how to implement them in my life.  Karol gave many good ideas to make these truths come alive in my heart and life.  She also included many stories of her own and other friends that have gone through similar situations.  I recommend this book as a great handbook to look through and really begin to make positive changes to your life.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this book by Harvest House Publishers for my review.  All opinions are my own*

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