Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Quick Tips for Better Health by Don Verhulst Book Review

30 Quick Tips for Better Health by Dr. Don Verhulst outlines 30 tips to bring you ideas for taking better care of your health.  The author is a teacher, ordained minister, speaker and hosts a television program Hope for Your Health.  He uses principles of God's Word to share many healthy lifestyle choices.  He covers topics on what to eat, drink, how to exercise, improving memory, get better sleep, emotional health and how to prevent certain diseases.  He begins each chapter with a Bible verse and simple tip.  He shares a way to make a change, a prayer and section to write down how you will make that change today. 

I really enjoyed this quick read with a surprising number of new thoughts about how to make better choices for my health.  He shared many good scientific facts regarding sleep, exercise, heart disease, cancer, water, vitamins and foods from the Bible.  He also gave some yummy recipes that I want to try.  This book has so many wonderful ideas and I like that they are broken into 30 short segments.  Read one every day for a month.  The key to this book is to make the change.  The section to make notes is highly important to making a lasting change.  I also like the Bible verses for each chapter that really focused on what God desires for our health.  I plan to keep this little book very handy as I go about my day and I know that I will start making changes to make my health better so I can live the full life that God has planned for me.  Start your journey today too!

*I was given this book as a complimentary copy from Booketeria for my review.  All opinions are my own.*

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