Sunday, January 6, 2013

Spiritual Journey 2012

This year I took on many challenges that helped me grow closer to God and to others.  Here are a few Bible studies and other spiritual growth opportunities that I took part in this year.

*Good Morning Girls-
Proverbs 31 Woman

*Memorizing Scripture with Do Not Depart
Romans 8
John 1:1-14
Proverbs 31: 10-31 (with my GMG Bible study)


*Read the Bible
I read the Bible in 90 Days with Mom's Toolbox.

*Hello Mornings
Accountability group for mornings- God, Move, Plan
Register for the Winter Challenge on January 16th.  The challenge is from Jan 28- Apr 26.
If you are someone who wants to better plan your mornings, have quiet time with God, exercise and make a good plan for the day, this is for you!

What I plan to do for 2013:

This year I will continue to do Bible study with Good Morning Girls.  This winter we are studying Luke 1-8.  I am excited to memorize more Scripture with Do Not Depart starting this January: Psalm 71.  I will continue to connect with  my Hello Mornings group and I am going to read through the New Testament from the calendar on my Weekly Household Planner.

I also participate in Warrior Prayers and 31 Days of Prayers for Girls.  I honestly want to spend more time with God in prayer and I will earnestly seek God during my SOAP studies as I want to follow God with my whole heart!

What Bible studies and Spiritual growth opportunities do you participate in?

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