Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hiding Psalm 71 in my Heart with Do Not Depart

Last year I was so grateful to memorize Romans 8 and John 1:1-14 with Do Not Depart in an easy, low-key way. I was part of the Facebook group where we encouraged each other and were inspired by Lisa to keep memorizing.

Why is memorizing God's Word important?  Here are 3 reasons I want to memorize Psalm 71:

1. When I put God's Word in my heart, I draw closer to Him.  I feel like I can talk more freely, listen better and come to a deeper understanding of who He is.

2. I am able to use my downtime more productively like repeating verses while putting on makeup or changing my daughter's diaper or sharing with my children at breakfast.  There are endless moments of the day to fill my mind with positive things like the words of God.

3.  And last, I want to memorize Psalm 71 because I know in my heart, that the more I memorize, the sharper my mind will be and this Psalm is an excellent confidence booster.

Do you want to memorize too?  We do about 2 verses a week!  There is encouragement, fun and lots of extra ways to boost your memorizing skills.  Join today at Do Not Depart.  We begin on January 13.


Lisa notes... said...

Amen to all three of these reasons, Shonda! (Except the changing diapers part, ha--haven't had to do that in awhile). You're a blessing to our group!

Brooke Espinoza said...

Thank you, Shonda for posting these! I LOVE, as you said in reason #2 that memorizing Scripture allows us to redeem our time and use it for spiritual growth as we go about the routines of our day. While I may not be excited about particular errands or household chores I have on my to do list for the day, as long as I am learning and reciting my verses in those moments, it makes those tasks so much more enjoyable, and even refreshing, because the time was primarily spent meditating on the riches of God's Word. God bless you much, Shonda!