Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Better Than a Box Ebook SALE!!! (Jan 22-24- $1.99)

It's HERE!!!  Better Than a Box: How to Transform Processed Food Recipes into Whole Food Favorites is a book you will want to have!  I have been trying to not use canned foods, but rather make healthier choices by substituting canned food for homemade.  It takes a lot of thought and effort, but Katie has taken all the hard work and done it for me.  You will love all the delicious recipes in this ebook that will accomplish what you want to achieve- good food made in a healthier way!

Recipes include:
Casseroles, pot pies, enchiladas, stocks, soups, breads and more!

Cook from scratch without finding new recipes!

Hear Katie tell you why she created this new ebook:

Check out this free recipe: PS. I made this and it's awesome!!  My husband said YUM!
{Free Download} Recipe: Creamy Stovetop Stuffing Chicken Casserole with No Stovetop!

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