Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Jessna is 18 months today!

Welcome to the Adventures of Jessna!! Wow, this girl is everywhere all the time! She keeps me moving and grooving. Jessna has a passion for trying new things and going all out. She laughs a lot, cries a lot and loves to run around the house with her big brother. And if she can find a place to climb up or into, she's there. Jessna is also starting to talk a little bit more. She can say mama, kitty, baby, banana (nana), and uh-oh. She knows what kiss and hug are and she understands instructions like sit and come here. I'm excited to see how she is going to develop in the next several months. Here are some pictures of my little girl growing up!
We call her Messi Jessi!
Brother/Sister love
Climbing in the play drawer
Learning time with blocks
Climbing on the coffee table
My sweet girl
Sign language- More
Helping (?) Mom with the dishwasher
Here's a quick peek of  Shrade at 18 months old.


Bekah said...

She is SO cute!!! You need a McDonalds play park at your house for her, lol. :)

Bekah said...

Jessna is SO cute!!! You need a McDonalds play land at your house for her, LOL.