Thursday, November 1, 2012

21 Days to a More Disciplined Life Project

Recently I read and reviewed Crystal Paine's newly expanded edition of 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life. I was very inspired and motivated to start developing some more discipline in my life.

So for the next 21 days I will be taking the 21 steps that Crystals outlines in her book AND do a Mega Project as suggested.  Now, you might think I will clean my entire house, but I actually have something that is weighing on me that I want to organize.

So my plan for my Mega Project is to add 20 new recipes to my Tastebook.

I love recipes.  I love cooking, baking and finding new recipes, making old favorites and just browsing Pinterest for things to try.  However, I have written these recipes down on pieces of paper all scattered everywhere.  I never can find what I am looking for.  I am not the most organized in this area so I was so glad when my friend told my about Tastebook. There are several ways to utilize it, but I was completely sold on being able to add all my favorite recipes to make a personalized cookbook just for me.  So I have been methodically copying, pasting and typing in recipes that I use and new ones that I like.  Only tried and true recipes will be in the book.  My hope is to get the book published so I don't have to constantly be on the computer looking for my favorite recipe to make.  When I get 100 recipes, then I can get the book published for $40.  I think that will help me release my anxiety and stress in trying to find recipes that I want to make.  Right now I have 30 recipes in my book.  I hope to put 20 more in by the end of  my 21 days. That way I will be halfway to my ultimate goal!  Having all my recipes in ONE place has really helped me be better in menu planning.

Here is my plan:
Goal- 20 recipes copied to Tastebook AND make 10 recipes for the freezer!
1. Make a list of the recipes I already have on Tastebook from breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack categories
2. Make a list of recipes I want to put in from my piles of papers, Pinterest or favorite websites.
3. Daily goal- add one recipe per day!
4. Try 10 new recipes to possibly be part of the cookbook

I know this is not a daily to-do list that will take me from point A to B, but since my goal is 20 recipes, then if I do one a day, I know I will achieve my goal.  In the meantime I might find other recipes that will be good to put in as well.  My plan is to spend 15 min a day doing this project. I also will make a freezer meal during the weekdays from my cookbook or from new recipes I find.  I also want to find some recipes to put in the cookbook.

I will let you know in 21 days how my Mega Project went and how I think this book has helped me become more disciplined.

Are you interested in your own Tastebook?  I hope I got your interest piqued.  There are so many possibilities.   :)

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