Thursday, May 27, 2010

Shrade is 18 months old today!

This is our Shrade at 18 months old!  He is the joy of our lives!  I started blogging about Shrade from right before birth for every month until one year old.  After that I update every 3 months since my blog has grown into so many other things, but Shrade is still our #1 love!
Shrade and I do lots of activities together.  We go to library story time, playdates, MOPS, parks and the zoo.  We find lots of free and fun things to do.
Shrade has recently discovered the garden and loves the rocks. 
Cheesy grin!
Shrade is helping with laundry.
Shrade is saying new words every week and love to go outside in the garden.  He runs to pick up his shoes.  He has learned to climb up on to his rocking chair.  He really likes to walk up and down the stairs holding our hands.  Shrade and I are staring "Tot School."  You can read more about our adventures on Milk N' Honey.


Mommy Kennedy said...

Happy 1 & 1/2 Birthday, Shrade!

I love your bare piggy toes. So cute!

Patty said...

Precious blessing. Have a great day.

shelley said...

Hi there,
so nice to meet you! i love meeting new friends in bloggysphere! happy 1 1/2 birthday to shrade! enjoy every moment because it is over in the blink of an eye, i'm a new follower here so i look forward to hearing and seeing more about your lives! ps he is adorable!
shelley :)