Friday, May 28, 2010

Book Review: Luv-Pons by Doug and Jackie Christie

Luv-Pons by Doug and Jackie Christie is subtitled "A Fun Variety Love and Romance Guide for Couples."  Each word actually embraced the content of this book with sincere passion.  The "fun" is actually in the back of the book which has 42 different date ideas in the form of coupons or Luv-Pons.  There were several recipes, choice wines, helpful websites, games to play, a list of love songs and books to read which showed the variety of choices for couples to use to enhance their love life.  Many love and romance stories along with classic poems would cause any couple to get into the mood.  Doug and Jackie also had a brief Q and A section to guide couples in answering relationship questions.

When I first saw the cover of Luv-Pons with its eye catching red heart surrounded by a menagerie of other colors I knew this would be a fun book.  Right away I felt that Doug and Jackie have a heart for couples to ignite that passion that seems to fade so quickly.  This book is very positive and upbeat and encourages the reader to take small steps toward bringing fun romance back into their lives.

You can visit Doug and Jackie's website for more fun: Luv-Pons.

*I received this book as part of a blog review program through Pump Up Your Book and I was not compensated for my review.

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