Friday, May 21, 2010

God's Nuggets: Prayer for Marriage


Several weeks ago I was part of a blog party and I found this wonderful blog by Cindy called Seeds to Sunflowers.  She made a post asking for people to join her in praying for marriages on Friday, May 21.  I was so thrilled since I am passionate about prayer and having a good marriage.
She recently made another heartbreaking post and it shows that we really need to pray for our marriages against evil.

In the meantime I found a few other posts that specifically had some great marriage ideas.  Please check these out and make praying for your marriage a priority not only today, but every day!
*Angela- Praying for my Husband
*A Proverbs Wife- Treating your husband good and not evil
*Lindsay (Passionate Homemaking) - Letting Go of expectations (in this post there is also a download of 31 days to pray for your husband and a link to a husband encouragement challenge- I have both!)
And of course, this book The Power of a Praying® Wife is next to my Bible.  I'm reading and praying through it again and again and again.  You can never pray too much!

I hope that you can make it a goal to pray for your marriage every day and pray with your husband as often as you can too! Blessings, Shonda


@RestoreMyFamily said...

Thank you so much for joining me on this day. I am beyond blessed to say that I believe this is the start of something really great.
The thing that I have realized is that we need to persevere through anything and keep our eyes focused on God and not what is going on around us.
I can admit that through this process I lost my focus on Him and His plan and allowed the things around me distract me.
I am happy to report that my marriage took a bump but by putting my heart out there and sharing my struggle - it quickly healed and today we are standing strong together - committed to doing this together.
Thank you. For praying, for being willing to put yourself out there and be obedient to this call to stand up for hurting marriages. I know it is hard for people to open and share - but that is where the enemy does the damage. Bringing light to the hurt and pain - sheds light to that darkness and allows God to do the work!
Praying for your marriage as well - when we step out we can get attacked and so I pray against that and pray for protection and for favor and blessing.
This is the start of something more... not sure yet what that is but can't wait to see what He has in store.
Bless you!!

Lindsey said...

following you back! great blog:)