Thursday, February 2, 2012

Memorizing Scripture: Romans 8:10-17

Since January started, things have been so topsy turvy. I thought coming back after the holidays would slow down. I went to visit my sister, Bible study started, we got snowed in for a week and now, my kids have been sick for a week. I took this video after the 13th day being home. Jessna has a very bad cough and has been keeping us up at night. So I have just been reviewing these verses over and over. I haven't really memorized any new ones.

I love how these verses tell me that Christ is who helps me defeat my fleshly desires and that I am a child of God. When I feel worn down, as I am now, I can hold fast to these verses.

Enjoy seeing Shrade and Jessna in the VLOG!


Lisa notes... said...

Great job, Shonda. This section is the very hardest for me to transition from one verse to the next. You've encouraged me!

Katie Orr said...

Yay!! Love it! Great job!

Multi-tasking at it's finest!

Patty said...

Great verses to memorize ~ well done. Have a blessed day.