Monday, February 6, 2012

Jessna is 9 months old! Really??


OK, is Jessna really 9 months old!  She still seems like such a little baby to me, but she' not really.  Jessna still adores her older brother and I'm so glad he's around sometime when I'm exhausted of trying to keep up with the two of them.  They sure are cute together.

This month:
*Jessna said her first consonant blend- "Ma, ma, ma!"
*She likes peek a boo. I hold my hands in front of my face until she touches them and then I say "peek a boo!"
*She had her first sickness and it is still going on.  She got a cough and a runny nose that messed up her sleeping and eating schedule.  She still is more fussy than ever about drinking milk from a bottle.  I still have not experimented too much with food because she wasn't feeling good.  No teeth yet either!
*We had snow this month and took a family walk in the snow.  It was so pretty.
*She is still content to sit on the floor and doesn't like tummy time very much.
*She's able to "feed" herself by holding and sucking on a cracker or dried pear/apple.

What I love about Jessna:
*Her adorable little smile and giggle
*Her funny faces when she's eating
*How she responds with happiness to her brother
*Watching her discover new things
*Cuddling with her before bed while reading and singing

Watch Jessna's foot trick!

With cousins Jordan and Reagan

And this was Shrade at 9 months!


Shelly said...

What a cutie pie! My baby girl hated tummy time. She was a bit slow to crawl because of it. But part of the reason why was she had to wear a pavlic harness to keep her hip aligned for nearly 2 months after she was born. So we couldn't put her on her tummy at all during that time.

They grow so fast; mine is now 13 months!

Patty said...

How sweet. Time certainly passes quickly ~ enjoy each day.