Wednesday, December 28, 2011

31 Days to Clean Ebook- start the New Year right!

Have you thought about what gift you want to give to yourself for the New Year?  How about a clean home?  I sure do.  I have a few different books and blogs that have helped me to achieve this goal.  Ever since I had my second child, I've wanted to get this house in better order.  Is that a desire of yours too?  Well, 31 Days to Clean seems to cover more than just cleaning, but there is a great dose of cleaning motivation for you.  When I started my 31 Days to Clean journey in August I was delighted to find these wonderful videos by Jennifer Ross who takes you through the Martha Challenges.  All of these videos are available at the Readers Only Downloads section on 31 Days to Clean after you buy the book.  Here is a in Introduction video from Jennifer.  She is a mother of 11 children and has a very calm and easy going way to show you how to clean.

If you are reading this in an email, click the title of this post to watch the video.

So, are you ready to embark on a cleaning journey for your heart and home?  First, get the 31 Days to Clean ebook.  Then you can also join a group that will be going through the book on Facebook:  31 Days to Clean on Facebook goes from Monday, January 2 to Friday, March 2.

Buy 31 Days to Clean and I'll see you soon!

And just a heads up, Jennifer Ross has a great ebook for after you complete 31 Days to Clean called Encouraging Challenges 

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