Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Non-Mayhem: Purging, Decluttering, Cleaning and Organizing

I would love to have a clean and organized house, but everywhere I look there are disaster areas that need help.  I'm 5 months pregnant and I have a 2 year old.  I'm trying to juggle a lot of different household things- menu planning, regular chores, cooking, teaching my son, relaxing, etc.  I really want to clean, but I can't seem to muster the energy or I waste my time.  No more!  I have a TON of work to do before this new baby comes in May and I need to get on it.  So I have made some short and long term plans.  I see the big picture, but I have a hard time with details.  So this week I sat down and listed 5 areas that are bugging me to pieces.  My plan is to give each area one week and work 15-30 a day to clean that area by purging, decluttering, cleaning and organizing.  I also have a HUGE job to clean in our attic garage which I will dedicate 2 nights a week after our 2 year old goes to bed.  So here's my plan for January and pictures:

*Dec 26-Jan 1: Filing Cabinet

*Jan 2- Jan 8: Back Entrance

*Jan 9-Jan 15: Guest Room Closet

*Jan 16-Jan 22: Linen Closet

*Jan 23-Jan 29: Usana Bookshelf

I will be posting new pics at the end of month when these areas have been cleaned and make a new list to work on.  Hope this gives you encouragement to start doing something similar.  Let me know what you are doing or any ideas you have.


Shopper Gal said...

Can't wait to see your 'after' shots! Love that you have a timeline on getting it all cleared out. It can be so overwhelming. I know you can do it :)

Shopper Gal

Carol said...

Good for you for having a plan! I'm inspired! Baby steps ...

Krajcimama said...

I love having a list, too! I'm looking forward to seeing how you transform these spots! ;)