Friday, December 17, 2010

God's Nuggets: God's Treasures to me in 2010 #1

Hi Friends,
Every month I receive a devotional from Dr. Charles Stanley called In Touch.  It's free and I love it.  It keeps me in God's word and challenges me to be a godly wife and mother.  I also receive letters in the mail and this week I got one that really caught my eye.  Dr. Stanley included a little sheet of paper to fill out called God's Treasures to me in 2010.  I want to share these statements with you that I will fill out and do a second post with  my answers.  If you wish to do a post too, then we'll make the date Dec 30 and then you can link it up to mine.  Sound good?!  These statements really make me think about my year and what God has done in my life.

*Special times I learned about God's loving character or the way He works in my life.

*Scripture verses the Lord used this year in a powerful way to encourage and teach me.

*Ways the Father worked through trials I experienced to teach me to follow Him more closely.

*Other treasures the Lord revealed to me in 2010.

Don't think you have to answer them all.  Just write what is on your heart.  I can't wait to share my answers and read yours.  So mark Dec 30 on your blog calendar to share what God has been doing for you in 2010!

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