Monday, December 13, 2010

Heavenly Homemakers Downloadable Recipe Cards Sale!!

Do you need a great gift idea for the aspiring cook in your life?  If you enjoy Laura's recipes (from Heavenly Homemakers) then you'll love these cute recipe cards.  

There are 5 different recipe card packs...
What to do with the Cocoa in Your Kitchen

What to do with the Cow in Your Kitchen

What to do with the Vanilla in Your Kitchen

What to do with the Kids in Your Kitchen

What to do with the Chicken in Your Kitchen

Check out each card pack.  You can download and print off on cardstock.  Tie up with a ribbon or yarn.  Make a little gift basket including a few of the ingredients like cocoa, vanilla, chocolate chips, a baking pan, rolling pin, mug, etc.  Be creative!  I would love to receive a little gift like that!  Wouldn't you?

Each card pack is downloadable for your use only, but you can make as many copies as you want and give as gifts.  Why not download during the sale this week and you can have them for teacher gifts, bridal showers, birthday gifts and other holidays!

Each card pack is only $4.00 until Monday, December 20.  Happy shopping!


Recipe Cards said...

Waao! how nice beautiful recipe card. I love it. Keep it up...........

Recipe cards said...

The recipe cards are really awesome. Those are looking formal.