Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Non-Mayhem: Pampering!!!

You heard it: pampering!! One way to reduce mayhem is to find time for pampering. There are so many ways to do this, but here is just one way I do.

I LOVE homemade soap! One year for Teacher Appreciation Week (when I was teaching) I received a cute little sample of soap from one of the parents who had a business called Rose Petal Betty. Isn't that cute? Well, I fell in love with her soaps and never went back to store bought again. However, I was so sad when she decided to discontinue her business. Lo and behold, just a few months after that my husband took me on a romantic getaway to Vashon Island, WA. We visited the local farmer's market and there I found Rainy Day Garden. Oh, the scents are heavenly and the soaps are beautiful. So I ordered my first set of soaps from Sherri when I got back home. Her soaps are so unique and she creates many different kinds. Here is my latest order: Mandarin Sunrise, Pink, Country Lilac, Ume Blossom, Magnolia Blossom, Apple Ambrosia and Cascade Morning. Even the names are fun! I always look forward to my bath or shower time! Can you smell them? :)
So, here's another pampering moment for me: Tomorrow I get to go to a spa and get the royal treatment. My husband is taking the day off from work and taking care of our son and said I could book a spa day. I am going to get a 1 hour massage, a facial, a manicure and foot soak! I am so excited.

So how do YOU pamper yourself? And guys, how can you pamper your women? :)

PS. I also put these soaps in some of my dresser drawers to make my clothes smell good.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shonda! This is the first time I've been on here to check out your blog. I don't get on the computer very often (for fb) I mostly do it all on my blackberry and don't get to see all this neat stuff you have on here. I've always heard of the homemade soaps, but have been afraid to use them. (I feel like maybe they dry my skin) anyway, thanks for all the info you share on here. Gotta go! gonna check out what else you have on here:) (jack has the girls for the evening and will be back soon)

Sandi Martin

Shonda said...

My spa day was awesome!