Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gratituesday: Cats!

I have to admit that I love cats. I grew up with a dog and dearly loved my Grover, but when I was a single teacher living alone in my apartment I decided to adopt a cat. So for my birthday I went to the shelter and found this beautiful cat, Katya. She was perfect for me. She and I instantly bonded and it was so wonderful that my future husband loved cats because there was no way I was going to give up my precious Katya. In fact, I think Katya loved Jeremy more than me at times. We had her for 7 years before we said a very heart wrenching goodbye in our living room on a Tuesday morning in November 2007. I really grieved a long time for this cat. But it made it a little easier because we had....

We actually got Abby 6 months before Katya died. We met her when we stayed at a friend's house for the weekend. We fell in love with this sweet, loveable bundle. We really wanted to take this kitty home. So, it was an answered prayer when our friends offered for us to adopt Abby. We were thrilled! She has been such a blessing to us. Abby helped us through the loss of Katya. However, we really liked cats, so in January 2008 we rescued....

Chloe and Abby DID NOT get along well for several months. One lived upstairs and one lived downstairs. It was pretty bad. But when Abby and Chloe finally decided to tolerate each other we found out that Chloe had kidney disease. So in October 2008 we layed Chloe to rest next to Katya in our backyard. It was very hard to bury another cat in less than a year, but actually it worked out OK because we had our baby in November 2008 and having one cat was enough for me.

Here's a picture of Jeremy with Chloe and Abby.
I will always love cats and I definitely don't want to say goodbye to Abby anytime soon. Each one of these cats was a blessing from God for times in our lives. I really thank God for animals, especially cats!!

Do you have a precious animal that you want to tell me about? :)

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~Kristin~ said...

I am so behind on catching up with other blogs! Please forgive me.
I love cats too! My hubby, not so much. I have always had a cat and right now my oldest is 19 years old. She is in pretty poor health. How did you "know" it was time to put your cat down? I had to put our dog to sleep last month and it broke my heart. I can't even imagine doing this again.
Love all the kitty photos!