Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Gratituesday: Christian Freedom

Recently I started reading a magazine put out by Voice of the Martyrs. I am on my knees praying for these persecuted Christians everyday. I have such a GOOD life and these people are being beaten and killed even by their own family members for being a Christian. We are SO blessed here in America to buy and read the Bible out loud wherever we are without persecution. We can openly worship in churches without fear of the government attacking us. I am so grateful for my Christian freedom (I don't use the word religious, because being a Christian to me means relationship with Christ). I just finished the February issue of VOM and I am broken for these Christians who suffer for Christ. If you are interested in obtaining this magazine for free go to: www.persecution.com.

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annies home said...

we often tell our own children as well as the ones we teach in church about the privalege we have to be a christian one not everyone can count on