Friday, February 26, 2010

God's Nuggets: Being a witness for Christ

Lately, I have been really wrestling in how I can be a witness for Christ. I have several friends close to me that are unbelievers and it grieves my heart. I don't know how to reach them. I'm discouraged because when I invite them to church they have an excuse. Sometimes I think that if they just come to church, then they will hear about God better than I can tell them. But what if they don't want to come to church?

I've been listening to a Mercy Me CD as I drive around town and one song has really touched my heart and given me encouragement- Shine On. Here are the lyrics:

If we're to be the light That shines for all of man Then how can we light the way If we don't go to them I believe to know God's heart Is to meet them where they are Won't you shine on Won't you shine on You can shine on Shine on In all that's said and done And everything you do Just let your life glorify The one who shines on you I believe we worship Christ When we show the world His light

Watch it on YouTube, click here

I know that as I live my life I can be a light to everyone around me. I need to trust God to help me be His witness.

What about you? How are you a light?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shonda;

I just wanted to say, don't be discouraged. Just keep an open invitation to your friends that you have invited. Each of our Journey's are our's alone. Each of our relationships with Our God is our own. Just because people do not attend a "traditional" Church does not mean that they are unbelievers. Sometimes people just want to feel pressured into their relationship with God. They just have to come to Him when they are ready, not when we are ready for them to come. Remember, God has a plan for all of us, and some may need to go thru a few more things before they reach out to Him.

I admire your Faith and your relationship with God. But your relationship is your's alone. Just as the saying goes. You can pray for other's, but if they want a change in their life or a healing for example, unless they pray themselves, and build their own relationship. God can't help them.

So with all of that said...Continue to Pray for your friends, keep an open invitation to them, and don't let their decision on their life disrupt yours.