Saturday, August 31, 2019

Catching Faith 2 DVD Review + Giveaway

Catching Faith 2: The Homecoming is the continuing story of the Taylor family as they navigate the dips and turns of  life by relying on their faith.  Alexa feels like the world is caving in as she steps into her dream job, but still has to care for her mother with Alzheimer's and her son has just lost his career while her daughter gets engaged to her ex-best friend's son.  Thankfully she has a Bible study and support group and her husband valiantly tries to help Alexa calm down and be reasonable.  As each member of the family goes through their trial, they turn to each other and to faith to keep them grounded and moving forward.

This movie was a good example of how life quickly can spin out of control.  But as the family in this story learned, not letting the circumstances take away your joy, but grow character in you, that is the foundation of faith.  Although, I did feel this family needed a bit more guidance and direction, I did seem them come together to celebrate life in fun and positive ways despite all the setbacks.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review from Edify Media.  All opinions are my own.*


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