Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A Year of Losing...and Gaining

If you have been following my posts this summer you noticed that we have had a very difficult year.  It started last October.  Our 17 year old cat was very sick, but she kept hanging on.  We had to put her to sleep.  It was a sad, sad day for our family.  We had Abby from when she was 6 years old and brought home both babies.  They grew up with her.

This was just the beginning of our sorrow.  On October 28 my 96 year old grandmother passed away. She had been diagnosed with cancer (again!) the year before and went through several surgeries until she broke her hip on June 1.  From then on she was in hospitals and then my parents took care of her until she died.  I loved her so much!  This was the last time I saw her on June 17, 2017.

We went up for her memorial on November 1 and that same day my husband got a phone call that his dad passed away the night before in his home.  We were shocked beyond belief.  The death of two of our loved ones so close together.  Thankfully we were with my family, but the grief that set in was deep. He was such a caring grandpa and had so many wonderful stories to share and life skills he imparted.  We miss him so much!

It was a rough and quiet Christmas season as we thought about the recent losses in our family.  I still don't think I've been able to work through these losses with all that continued to happen.

Then, you know, I shared the story of our garage fire on February 13.  

Then I shared our story (or part of it) about waiting.  

What were we waiting for?  
Before I share, let me say that I have never felt so close to God and so full of emotions than when I'm going through a trial.  I love God, but I am desperate for Him even more in those tough times and I know He's trying to teach me total surrender on Him for ALL things.

In June, my husband and I started thinking seriously about a new job opportunity from his company.  It would mean big changes.  We prayed, made lists, prayed and stepped forth in faith.  It started off so well and positive and then there was silence.  We didn't know what to think, feel or do.  So we prayed.  That's when I wrote that blog post.  We waited and it is now 3 months since the step of faith. God was with us and working in our hearts, planning everything for the right time.  

This past week my husband was offered the job!  This means so much to his career and our family.  We are beyond grateful for this answer to prayer and even though it will mean some major changes, we feel confident in this new journey.  

As much as we are excited, we also are anxious as we embark on this new life.  There are so many details we have to work through now.  and the funny thing is I'm feeling the exact same things as I did about moving as when I was waiting.  It's just that total surrender and laying it all at His feet is what I need to do.  

 Is God refining something in your life and heart?
I just never thought about that when we started this process.  

Wherever you are and wherever God is working on you, be there with Him.  

And may I please ask for prayer for our family as we need to sell and buy a house.  I am feeling overwhelmed and not sure how this is all going to work out, but God knows.  Thanks for listening to my story.  I pray that God will meet you in your greatest need.  He loves us!!

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