Monday, May 2, 2016

When Calls the Heart: It Begins With Heart (Season 3, Movie 1) DVD Review

 The town of Hope Valley is never immune to danger or romance.  When Season 2 ended, Charles was on his knee in front of Elizabeth while Jack watched from the doorway.  Elizabeth tries to convince Jack that Charles is a friend and she could never think otherwise.  Rosemary enters a contest to showcase how a real frontier family celebrates New Year's Eve.  The town comes together to make quite a successful event but Rosemary still has to admit she is not what she claimed to be to the reporter who covers the story.  Bill Avery wants to prove to Jack he's not the counterfeit thief, and goes to great lengths to capture the real culprit.  And a young drifter shows up to cause trouble for Pastor Frank.  Yes, it's a place of hope, adventure and family friendly fun. 
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In this movie, Elizabeth is still trying to juggle between her life in Hamilton and her new roots in Hope Valley.  She chooses Hope Valley and the people in it.  This episode also features some touching moments with children.  Cody and Becky are two orphan runaways who are taken in by Abigail and Elizabeth.  Becky is very ill, but she supports her younger brother Cody in a touching moment during the New Year's Eve party.  And Laura is a young girl without a mom and a father who has no joy or hope.  When Laura submits her drawing into the New Year's Eve contest, a touching moment softens the father's heart and opens up Laura's sweet inner need to have hope and love in the new year.  I really like how the people of Hope Valley really pull together and create special memories to last for years in the community.

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for my review.  All opinions are my own.*

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