Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Father's Love DVD Review

My review:   Sarah is young woman full of life and laughter, but she longs for love and romance.  She meets Reece at a party and he begins to pursue her.  He gives her everything her heart dreams.  Then he begins to act mysterious and starts to change their dates and cancel trips.  Sarah can't seem to understand this change, but when he offers make up gifts she forgives him and runs back to his arms.  Then he drops a bombshell on her and she's crushed.  She sinks into a depression, but begins to look to God for love and security.  Sarah still learns some hard lessons and goes back to Reece as he insists he still loves her even though he is married.  She eventually realizes that she is not who she wants to be and says good bye to Reece and yes to God.

I felt really bad for Sarah when she discovers Reece's secret and then I wondered why she still seem to need him.  I can see that many women would fall into a cycle like this without realizing that God is the answer to all their needs.  This movie was inspired by a true story and shares how God can help heal a broken heart.  Women are inspired to pursue the love of the Father and to embrace the freedom and hope found only in God.  I thought this movie had a sweet ending as Sarah realized The Father's Love. 

Synopsis: Struggling to find fulfillment in romance, blossoming filmmaker, Sarah moves to New York City to pursue her passion.  Then she meets Reece, the man of her dreams!  As the story unravels, Sarah experiences heartbreak and forgiveness as she ponders a lifetime of relationships.  Can she find the strength to put the past behind her?

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review.  All opinions are my own.*

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