Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Healthy Lunch Box by Katie Kimball from Kitchen Stewardship Book Review with Great Deals!

The Healthy Lunch Box eBook by KitchenStewardship
It's that time...school lunches!  Whether you are packing lunches to go or need lunches at home, this is the book for you to trade out the same old PB&J for healthy lunches that don't even require a sandwich.
Katie is never without great ideas for helping you make healthy choices.  She begins the book with 10 secrets to successful lunch packing.  She has recipes for Meats & Mains, Side & Salads, Breads & Not-Breads, Dips & Dressings, and Snacks & Sweets.  The tips and suggestions are not only interesting, but creative and fun!  Parents will look forward to putting together these healthy alternatives knowing that their children will benefit from the good choices and the kids will look forward to trying yummy food that will entice them to ask for more. 

Some recipes I would like to try:
*Creamed Cauliflower
*Mexi Bean Dip

Tried these:
*Rice and Veggie Muffins- YUMMY!
*Classic Granola Bars- Let them sit and they are good as gold!
*Stovetop Cinnamon Rice Pudding- A Winner!!
Katie's new ebook is absolutely fantastic.  I can't wait to start making healthy and delicious lunches for my kids!!  Check out the great deals this week as you consider purchasing this ebook. 
* 35% off through Thursday night (8/29)
* coupon inside the book for 50% off the companion eBook, "The Healthy Breakfast: Cereal-free Secrets to Starting the Morning with Real Food" which will come out later this year.
* TEN bonuses with the premium package!
* 45 recipes, over 100 links to more resources
* five pages just of "what to pack" ideas
* coupons embedded for other cool lunch and green products
* 20 winners for over $700 in back-to-school prizes
 Get your copy today!

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