Monday, July 15, 2013

Anniversary Gift: A Dating Book!

Engaged...November 26, 2003

Ever since we had kids our dating life took a serious nose dive.  And also, I've been throwing myself into motherhood, cooking, blogging, Bible study and anything else that has really taken time away from my marriage.  We have a good marriage, but I miss all the fun we used to have.  I've been pinning marriage ideas on Pinterest for quite awhile, but have not pursued anything that I've bookmarked.

Walked the new Narrows Bridge in 2007

We are coming up on our 9 year anniversary this month and I really wanted to bring back dating into our relationship with some new and fresh ideas.  I have to say that we have been in the same rut- go to dinner and walk.  That is nice, but I would love to try some other things and maybe bring back some old ideas.
Grand Park hike to Mt. Rainier 2006

Mariners Game 2009

I am so excited to have made this fun Dating Book for my husband!
Here is a little video of my book.


At home dates:
*Bake cookies
*Make milkshakes
*Watch Funny YouTube Videos (we like The IT Crowd)
*Share websites we like
*Listen to S*xy Marriage Radio- podcast  (Clean, Christian and lots of fun)
*Fondue night
*Game night
*Indoor picnic
*Make ice cream sundae
*Living room campout/movie
*20 questions
*Make breakfast and eat in bed

Outdoor dates:
*Try a new sport
*Be a tourist
*Go to a park and play
*Go to a local sport event
*Bike ride
*Play Frisbee
*Farmer's Market
*Outdoor music concert
*Play Bocce

Indoor Dates:
*Thrift store/Antique
*Go to a play
*Try a new restaurant
*Go to a bakery
*Coffee shop
*Listen a local band
*Go to a used bookstore
*Bookstore Date- Dating Divas

I also included a few printables:
*30 Conversation Starters for Couples

*30 Day Marriage Challenge for Husbands from All Pro Dad
*30 Day Marriage Challenge for Wives for iMom
*Marriage Conversation Starters from All Pro Dad

And I printed this and put it on the back cover:

And I found a few coupons for a yogurt place and Mexican restaurant that I tucked in there as well.
And I added a few quotes that I really liked from some Facebook marriage pages.

So check out my Marriage Pinterest Board for more ideas!  I can see more dating books or something like it in the future!!  Can't wait to see how this one goes. 

Happy Anniversary to my love!
July 16, 2004

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Unknown said...

Very cool! Nice job. Have fun reviving your dating life!