Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Marriage Ebooks that I Recommend

Valentine's Day is this week.  There are so many opportunities to show how much you love your husband.  I have found two books that are very helpful for my marriage.  I actually gave one of them to my husband for Christmas this year and we have been reading it together.  Both books are fun and interactive.

Why not check these out and see if you can pep up some area of your marriage this year?

31 Days to Great Sex

For the past year I have been subscribing to To Love, Honor and Vacuum by Sheila Gregoire.  She is fresh, funny and does not mince words.  She is imaginative, direct and encourages women and men to pursue the best marriage they can possibly have.  I loved her series last February "29 Days to Great Sex."  And in the fall she created an ebook for married couples that I bought and printed off into a book.  "31 Days to Great Sex for Married Couples" is a fun book that has short chapters, talking and active exercises and will really help you discuss this topic in a relaxing and comfortable way.  Get a copy today and give it to your husband on Valentine's Day.  He will love it!


Another great book written by a husband/wife team is Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z by Matt and Laura Coppinger.  Do you need practical ideas to make everyday a great marriage?  Check out this sweet couple's thoughts and ideas and you will be inspired to have an active and healthy marriage.

Healthy Marriage Tips from A to Z

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