Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jessna is 21 Months old!!

This little girl is now 21 months old!

She is my busy girl through and through. I can never sit down when she is awake.

She is so curious and gets into everything. She follows big brother around all the time, but she also will sit down and look at books or tear them (library books, of all things!).

 She wants to color and we have done a little of that. She is messy as can be and still puts anything into her mouth like purple crayons!

She is saying lots of words and has a really silly giggle.

 She can be picky about food and cry the entire meal time or gobble it all up.

She wants to put on her coat and shoes and go places.

She is not shy with strangers and she loves being picked up.

 She still takes 1 nap and sleeps through the night.

She loves her baths and can put her clothes in the laundry and put other things away when I ask her.

She can walk up and down the stairs (not crawl!).

She is independent and very different from her brother. I have my hands and heart full with these two crazy kids!
Mmm, chocolate pudding!
Purple crayon tastes good too, Mom!
Sweet baby girl
Crafts with Shrade

Watch Jessna play peekaboo!

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