Friday, December 7, 2012

Razed by Paula Wiseman Book Review

Razed: Book One: Foundations Series by Paula Wiseman is a tragic look at how hard hearts can disintegrate a relationship between father and son.  Doug Bolling's wife of 20 years dies of cancer.  She was a Christian and her last words to her son were to not give up on his dad until he became a believer.  Mark was unsure if he could follow through with that promise.  But soon after his mom passed he marries a pastor's daughter and begins to pursue being a pastor himself.  His father, Doug, a builder, can't understand his son's passion to serve God.  He is turned off by Mark's extended family who seems overly religious and bringing his son farther away from him.  When Mark and Julie have children, things become complicated and things get even more tense between father and son when Doug starts living with his girlfriend.  They both want to have a relationship, but the walls built seem to become higher and stronger making reconciliation impossible.

Paula has a unique way of telling a story so that it could be true.  So many elements of this story are probably happening in families today.  However, this book needs a sequel because nothing is resolved by the end.  I personally felt a tug of war between who I felt was "right" whether it was father or son.  I will be interested to know how things progress in the next book.  Paula's book are real, challenging and deal with important family issues.  I highly recommend her writing to you.

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Paula also wrote The Covenant of Trust series that I reviewed earlier this year.  

*I was given a complimentary copy by Paula Wiseman in exchange for my honest review.**

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