Friday, May 4, 2012

May 3 in 30 Challenge

3in30 Challenge

I felt so good about what I accomplished last month.  Of course, I have WAY more than 3 goals a month, but I'm trying to find things that take me a whole month to do!  Well, maybe one of them won't take me all month, but if I take the time to really work on it, it will look great.  See if you can guess what that one is?

1. Sew together all the squares for my daughter's belated I-spy quilt.  I'm making it a rainbow!  Haven't sewed in over a year so I'm looking forward to this project.  My daughter turns one on May 6.

2. Go through my recipe books and write out 30 recipes that I regularly use.  This is going to be a long project to organize, but I'm starting with this. Yup, it's a big mess!

3. Clean and organize my bathroom.  This should be pretty easy, but I really want to make it easy to access things I keep meaning to use like lotions and soaps.


Amanda @ The Pelsers said...

I'm behind you at the 3in30 link up today. Great goals. I have quilted in so long, but your quilt looks fun! I really should do #2 as well. Good luck on your goals!

Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Looks like a great trio of goals for May! I like the idea of writing out your 30 most-used recipes. There seems like there are ones that I keep referring to and it would be nice to have them in one book - instead of a variety of recipe books and files. Such a wonderful idea!

Alison said...

These sound like fabulous goals! I like the idea of coming up with 30 recipes that are regularly used.

Tami @ said...

Cute blanket idea!

I've been wanting to organize and make my bathroom the way I want it.