Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Non-mayhem: Weekly Home Blessing Hour

Hi everyone- I thought I would share my thoughts about cleaning and organizing on Mondays so you can get your week started right. Several years ago my friend, Donnetta, directed me to the Flylady website to help kick my cleaning to another level. I was half-hearted and checked the site to see what it was about. But now that I have a son and I'm home more, I would really like to get focused and organized. I will share what I learn from Flylady and any other sources that are helpful. So, take the journey with me!

First, Flylady is an acronym for FLY (Finally Loving Yourself)! Everyone who is learning to be a Flylady is a Flybaby! So I'll just start with the basics.

Today is Weekly Home Blessing Hour. This is where you have 6-7 areas that you clean for 10 minutes each and hopefully take less than an hour. This is how you bless your home every week. This is not detail cleaning. Here are my tasks:
-change sheets
-empty trash
-clean toilet, wipe bathroom counters
-vacuum (middle of the floors only)
-sweep and mop kitchen
-wipe doorknobs with disinfectant

You can choose your own list. Flylady has her list and I made it to fit my routine. Have fun!

How do you bless your home on a weekly basis? Open to your idea!

Next week I will talk about zone cleaning. Stay tuned.

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