Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy One Year Birthday, Shrade!

November 27, 2009

Dear Shrade,

I can’t believe you are one year old today! I have to tell you that I was quite nervous about being a mommy for the first time. But when you took your first breath, I knew that God would give me the strength to take care of you. This year was so special for me because God allowed me to stay home and take care of you. Many mornings I would wake up to your smiling face and thank Him for this wonderful gift.

When we started to train you, these two things seemed really hard: sleeping through the night and eating solid food. I remember how when we thought you were ready to sleep through the night you decided to wake up EVERY night at midnight no matter how much I fed you. I think it took about a month to get through that time. You would NOT give up! In fact, I remember that one night you cried for 2 straight hours! And as for eating, well, you really loved formula and you did OK eating purees that I spent making. But when we wanted to have you eat more solid food you started to choke, gag, spit and sometimes throw up. It was another battle that took about 2 months before you thought solids were OK. I think we spent quite a few meal times crying. Both of us!

But the best of all was the new things you learned to do and the excitement in achieving them. Your laughter and squeals were priceless and I hope you keep that up. I remember the first time you rolled over and we clapped and cheered. Then you started making sounds like da, da. When you tried to say kitty you let out a high pitched squeal. When Abby came into the room we heard that sound loud and clear.

One thing I really liked was your interest in books: looking at them, touching them, turning pages and sometimes eating them! And it was so fun to see you move from sitting to spinning on your tummy and then crawling. Boy, you were fast! We had to babyproof quick. A few times you crawled up the stairs so quietly and you laughed and giggled when we discovered you. Every new thing you did we would clap and cheer and you started clapping too. Especially when you started eating, you would clap after every bite.

We were really pleased at how well you would go in the nursery. And we found that getting you on a good schedule for eating and sleeping really helped our family. You were usually so happy and content. You especially loved our nightly walks in the summer.

Well, Shrade, I hope to write many more letters to you on every birthday. But I do want to tell you as I do every night- Daddy loves you, Mommy loves you and Jesus loves you most of all!

You are special, love Mama

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