Monday, September 28, 2009

10 months-- 2 months until Shrade is one year old!

Hi there!

Look what Shrade found in the garden!

Shrade's reluctance in eating.

Fun in the Usana box.

Shrade's morning hair- he is a morning guy, happy!

Shrade likes choosing books to read with mama.

Hiking at Big Creek- first time in the backpack.

Playing with Solomon

Shrade is now 10 months! He is growing and seems like a big kid now. He is 23.5 lbs and 29.25 inches tall. Shrade can now go from standing to sitting with some control. He just started going from a sitting position to his tummy and moving around (mostly backward). He is also getting on his knees while on his tummy. These are all developments that have happened in this last month!

Shrade continues to dislike foods with textures, but has learned to eat puffs and is trying to feed himself, but is not that interested. Mama is more interested in that!

One of Shrade's favorite activities is the lift-the-flap books. I was so surprised when I read Where's Spot to him and the second time he knew exactly where the flaps were on each page. He also can turn pages in board books. I am holding up two books and giving him a choice of what he wants me to read to him. It is cute to watch him choose. :)

This month we have started a new activity- MOPS. We are looking forward to meeting some new moms and baby friends. Pretty soon we will graduate out of Mom and Baby group so we have a place to transition to and it feels good.

We have a really great routine. Shrade and I get up at 7am and walk for a half hour and pick up cans. Then we come home for breakfast and then off to an activity. Because of this Shrade is moving to one longer nap a day. On the days that we are home he takes 2 naps. He continues to sleep well through the night, except when we are not at home! Oh, well.

Shrade loves his morning time with daddy and is so excited to see daddy come home. Shrade also loves his nightly prayer times and singing/cuddle times with mama before bed.

Oh, Shrade hasn't started talking yet, but he has a special sound for our cat Abby besides the screeching. He says "sch,sch,sch" when he sees Abby.

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