Saturday, February 28, 2009

Shrade is 3 months old!

My big boy!

Mr. Happy!

Shrade is now 3 months old.

Activities Shrade attends:
*Nursery during church and Bible study
*Mom and Baby group on Tuesday mornings
*Library story time on Friday mornings

What Shrade can do:
*Rolling over
*Strong grip
*Goes to sleep at night without crying
*Takes good naps
*Stands on legs when supported
*Holds head upright without support
*Sleeps 7-8 hours during the night
*Eats every 3 hours

Shrade having fun with daddy!

My sleeping angel

What Shrade likes to do:

*Looking at books
*Likes being held and cuddled
*Likes music
*Likes being tickled (Mama does- Creep mousy)

Shrade now weighs 14 lbs and 14 oz. He is 25 inches long.

We are so happy to enjoy each day with our little boy. He is developing quite a little personality. Last Wednesday he had a perfect feed/wake/sleep schedule. However, when our home group arrived that night he did not take his nap as usual. I was holding him (he was facing the group) and I made a comment about how uncooperative he was being at the moment and he gave the biggest smile to the group and everyone started laughing!

Thank you Lord, for our little Shrade who brings us so much joy!

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