Saturday, February 14, 2009

Being a mom

I never thought being a mom could be so fun and yet so full of questions.

Everyday I wake up to the happy face of my sweet little boy. I feed and change him. He likes to talk to me and loves listening to music. We daily read stories and his face lights up! It's a treasure. Sometimes I wonder if I am doing enough for him or taking care of him the way I should. I love holding and cuddling him and am so thankful that he goes to bed at night without crying.

I sometimes feel discouraged about the weight that I gained and am not able to get rid of it as fast as I would like. I know this is common for all moms. I just have to look at my son to know that every pound is worth it all.

When he cries my heart goes out to him and wonders how I can make his sadness go away. I do think he cute "little man cry face" is adorable though!

Most of all, I am so thankful to God for giving me this task of being a mom. I always dreamed about it and what it would be like. When I found out I was pregnant I didn't really know I would feel so much love for such a little person. It is a privilege to take care of my sweet son. I pray for him everyday that God would use his life to glorify Him! Will you join me in praying for this Baby Blessing?

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