Sunday, January 28, 2018

Across the Blue by Carrie Turansky Book Review

Across the Blue by Carrie Turansky is a historical romance set in the early 1900's in Edwardian England highlighting the daring feats of early aviators.  Bella Grayson's father is the owner of a successful newspaper in London.  Her parents want her to marry a wealthy and privileged gentleman, but Bella wants to be a journalist.  With her parents permission and begrudging promise to find a suitor, Bella begins to write secretly for the paper about the recent aviators who want to be the first to fly across the English Channel.  She meets James Drake who accidentally lands his plane on her father's property.  She becomes friends with him and encourages and supports his efforts.  They begin to develop a deeper friendship, but obstacles start stacking against them.  Will the race to win give James the confidence to pursue Bella for a future together?  Will Bella have the courage to continue her writing despite the setbacks?

This novel was riveting both in content and style.  Carrie Turansky skillfully weaves a fascinating story of the early aviator attempts to cross the English Channel.  She includes a lot of historical background of manners, fashion, appropriate courting methods and beautiful landscapes.  I was captivated by the sweet friendship between Bella and James and the secrets they chose to keep from each other in order to save themselves from potential disaster.  The unique mystery and thrilling adventures of the pilots kept me entertained through the whole novel.  I highly recommend Carrie's new romance for your reading pleasure.  

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*I received this book as a complimentary copy in exchange for a review.  All opinions are my own.*

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