Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Connect Cards for Small Groups from Missional Women Review



 Creative Resource for Small Group Leaders: Deeper connections are critical to a Small Group and creating them is a formidable challenge. So here is a resource—creative ideas and content—to help your Small Group make those connections: Connecting with God, Connecting with Scripture, Connecting with the Mission, and Connecting with One Another.

Why Connect Cards?
Many times when a Bible study is over it can seem like getting into God's Word was great but the group didn't really connect with each other, didn't grow in a heart for prayer or for reaching the world for Christ.

Small groups provide an atmosphere where great growth can take place but it takes intentionality to think through how to help group members connect with God, each other and the Great Commission in a deep and meaningful way. The Connect Cards provide training, questions and ideas to ensure each of these elements are present each week to make not only a deep and meaningful group but also an influential one.

How it Works
The Connect Cards deck has four essential elements: Connect with Scripture (for the leader), Connect with God (prayer), Connect with Each Other (group interaction), and Connect with The Mission (ministry). Each week during your small group Bible Study, chose one card from each section. All four categories combined (depending on the size of your group) should about 30-45 minutes to your group time. If you are short on time, you can choose to go through one category at a time.


The Connect Cards are a collection of cards with specific themes and questions or reflections for connecting to God, others, mission and scripture.  There are 11 cards in each section.  Each card focuses on a specific aspect of the theme.  Included on the cards are questions, Bible references, web links, thoughts and many ways to connect to God and others.  These cards would work well in a small group to pick 2-4 during a Bible study time and dive into the activities.  These cards cover what might not come up in normal conversation, but what dedicated Christians should be discussing and researching in their Christian walk. 

Do you need a unique way to increase discussion and make meaningful conversations in your small group or Bible study?  Connect Cards might be a good resource for you.

Be sure to visit Missional Women for more information and to order. 

*I was given these cards for review purposes only.  All opinions are my own.*

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