Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dressing Your Truth- One Year Later

Hi Friends!  I can't believe it's been one year since I discovered Dressing Your Truth!  I really love this program and all that I have learned and continue to learn about myself and also how dressing in a way that enhances my true beauty on the inside. 

Why I would choose Dressing Your Truth:

*Less stress in shopping
*Enjoying life
*Feeling good on the inside and outside
*Great online store for every type
*Monthly classes and online club nights

As you can see Dressing Your Truth offers a lot of good benefits.  A friend of mine (who is a different type) has also chosen Dressing Your Truth and she looks fabulous!!  It's so fun to see how this course can bring so many different people together and there is a lot of sharing and caring too.

Right now, the Dressing Your Truth is $99!  There is also a 20% off sale at the Dressing Your Truth store as well.  So, read my story and see if Dressing Your Truth could be a choice for you.  I'm glad I chose and there is NO going back!


Maya Andrews said...

I enjoyed reading your series on dressing your truth. I haven't signed up for it but have watched 4 of the free videos so far. I came here from your comment on moneysavingmom. You look so nice in the picture above!

Shonda said...

Thank you for visiting, Maya! I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I appreciate your sweet compliment. Enjoy the DYT videos. Blessings, Shonda