Friday, January 23, 2015

Home Management Binder for 2015

Last year I thought I started off on the right foot but I was too overwhelmed and not very organized.  I was using something that wasn't working for me.  I started researching again and found something that was fun to put together and helped me feel more organized than I have felt in years.  Here's a little video of my Home Management Binder: 


If you want to "copy" my idea, go right ahead.  It's not really my idea, but I added a lot of stuff that is "me."  Here are the links to the posts that contain all the printables that I have put in my binder.  Enjoy!

*Organizing Home Life- a tutorial on the blog showed how to make a notebook
*52 Weeks to an Organized Home Challenge- Home Storage Solutions 101
*52 Week Money Challenge- I use Home Storage Solutions printable and put in dates that I will transfer money to another account I have created in my bank account.

*Pulling Yourself Together- Clean Mama (I don't see it available at the moment)
*I Used to be so Organized- The Confident Mom

I also use this Daily Planner from Homemaker's Friend.  This is my first time using it and I saw it recommended by Club 31 Woman and Christin Slade.

And I'm still using the Mind Organization for Moms Program that I started in May 2014.

All of these combined is making for my year to start off much more smoothly and keep organized.  I hope you can find some things that will work for you!

Blessings, Shonda


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