Saturday, December 20, 2014

When Calls the Heart- Rules of Engagement DVD Review


When Calls the Heart: Rules of Engagement DVD is a show stopper with some unexpected twists and turns.  As Jack returns to Coal Valley, he is greeted not only by Elizabeth, but by his former fiancée who arrives via stagecoach and drapes herself on Jack who is taken by surprise.  Elizabeth is dumbfounded and feels awkward and foolish around Jack and Rosemary.    As Jack tries to balance the two women that are in his life, he also continues to investigate the mine explosion.  Bill Avery, a former Mountie,  is hired to come in and make a thorough search of the area to make a case against the owner.  He enlists Abigail's help and they begin a close friendship as well.  Elizabeth is given an opportunity to pursue a more lucrative position, but feels torn for her feelings for Jack and the job that she has come to love.  Things heat up between for Jack as he decides between Rosemary and Elizabeth and the owner of the mine takes bold steps to prevent any further investigation into the explosion.  Who will Jack choose and will the town be able to be settled and move forward with hope from this mine disaster?
I was very intrigued with the new characters that came into this movie.  I felt that Elizabeth handled herself very well despite the charming Miss Rosemary who seemed to have a sharp tongue and prideful demeanor.  Jack seemed to know what his heart was telling him, but couldn't find a way to please both women.  It was also fun to see Abigail enjoy company with a man who also became a hero to her.  This movie had some great moments and a special surprise at the end!   

*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review.   All opinions are my own.*

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