Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hero DVD Review + Giveaway!!

A father returns after 7 years away from his family.  His wife passes away and his son wants nothing to do with him.  Joe Finn teams up with his reluctant son David to coach a little league baseball team.  He decides to enlist the help of the fathers of the players but finds the dads to be too busy or absent from their son's lives.  He knows he can't change the past and he desperately wants his son to love him despite all of his past mistakes.  David longs for his father to connect with him and can't understand why he cares more about the boys on the team than his own son.  Both Joe and David learn that making a relationship work is tough.  The boys on the team need this father/son partnership to be strong as they struggle with their own hurts. And in the end both Joe and David are restored.  Hero is a movie for every son and father to watch.

I love how Joe Finn doesn't give up despite all the opposition he comes against with his own son and the community of dads that need encouragement to step into their son's lives.  The story that really gripped my heart was the young father in prison who helped his son play baseball behind the fence.  It was touching to see him involved and even though he could not physically touch his son, he was intentional to coach his son.  Watch Hero and be ready to cheer on fathers and sons for the effort they give to make time for each other.

This movie releases on Tuesday, September 16 in stores.

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*I was given a complimentary copy of this DVD for review.  All opinions are my own.*

Press Release:

“A TERRIFIC must see movie!  watch it and be inspired!”
-Dove Foundation


Dads are a Superpower
Coming to DVD September 16th


Los Angeles, California- From producers of Alone Yet Not Alone, comes a heartfelt movie about legendary small town baseball coach, Joe Finn (Burgess Jenkins, Remember the Titans, Nashville, The Shunning), who after taking his shot as a scout for the big leagues returns home to discover the damage he's done by leaving his family behind.   Now on a quest to rebuild his relationship with his son David, Joe forms a new baseball league to reinvigorate the underdog little league team his son had been coaching.  Together, as father and son, they try to put away their differences and help bring their ragtag team of ball players, “The Gappers”, to victory.

Burgess, who has a child of his own, was excited about the film.   “This movie really reinforces the importance of fathers in a child’s life.  Sports can be that vehicle to solidify the bond.”  George Escobar, a producer of Hero, wanted to make a movie that highlighted the real value in playing a sport and trying to win.   “I grew up playing sports, and this idea of playing without winners and losers just seems like a missed opportunity to teach the kids how to train themselves to win.  As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.  A rival will push you harder than the desire to do your best.”  

In a movie sure to inspire fathers and sons alike, Hero presents an all-star cast including Gregory Alan Williams (In the Line of Fire, The Preacher's Kid), R. Keith Harris (Big Fish), and Mark Joy (The Ultimate Gift).    The film also includes a musical score by Grammy winner, Michael Omartian.  For more information or to see the trailer go to

Synopsis:  A father’s broken relationship with his family fills him with determination to win back the son he left behind.  Reaching out through the game they both love, he deliberately forms a baseball team designed to reconnect both fathers and sons, transforming their town in the process.  The story shows how one good man can lead change in his community for the common good.

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Jackie said...

Sound like a nice movie. Thanks for the review and giveaway.

Lane Hill House said...

I would like to have this movie DVD for my husband and I to watch. Thank you for your review. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House