Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh, For Real Cookbook and other cooking adventures

Last spring I purchased this new book from Laura at Heavenly Homemakers and I'm happy to say that I'm totally in love with it!!  It comes in PRINT!  I am using it so much.  These are Laura's favorite recipes she makes with her family and I can tell why!

I love all the quick recipes and tips to make cooking many meals to save time in the kitchen.  I still don't have a perfect system, but I'm working my way there.

Here are some of the recipes that my family enjoys:

From the Quick Mix-
*Peanut Butter Cookies
*Chocolate Chip Cookies
*Quick Mix biscuits

Dry Mixes-
*Ranch Dressing for the Cheddar Ranch Burgers
*Onion Soup Mix to put in everything!
*Turkey Sausage Seasoning mix

*Baked Oatmeal
*Homemade Hash Browns
*Very Berry Smoothies

*Corn Dog Muffins
*Hearty Green Bean Casserole
*Italian Pasta Bake
*Lasagna Casserole

I still need to try out many of the snacks and desserts.


What will you find in Oh, For Real
  • Over 115 healthy, real food breakfast, lunch, supper, casserole, slow cooker, and snack recipes that will save you time, money and sanity
  • Versatile mixes and whole grain dough recipes that offer loads of healthy recipe options with little to no effort
  • Freezer cooking ideas and instructions to help you actually get ahead in the kitchen
  • Last minute (healthy) meal ideas, because for real, you don’t have to resort to ordering pizza in a pinch
  • More information about my family and me than you ever really needed to know.  We are real.  :)

It's $25.95 which includes shipping and handling in the US.  I use it everyday, it's worth it!

Click here to visit Laura Coppinger @ Heavenly Homemakers
AS for my other cooking adventures...
I just made 6 freezer meals from Sidetracked Sarah's blog.
This kitchen is busy!!

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