Thursday, January 8, 2009

Shrade is 6 weeks old!

Shrade's famous "buffo"

What Shrade can do at 6 weeks:
  • He eats every 3 hours
  • Plenty of dirty diapers
  • Learning to smile
  • Can coo
  • Grasps mama's finger
  • Makes great "buffos"
  • Sleeps 5-6 hours at night
  • Working on lifting head at tummy time
  • Helps mama in stretching and exercise
  • Very strong arms and legs
What Shrade likes:
  • Swinging
  • Bouncing on ball with daddy
  • Vibrating bouncy chair
  • Music
  • Going for walks
  • Looking at faces
  • Cuddling with mama
  • Baby massage!
  • Listening to stories especially My First Bible
At 6 weeks Shrade is 12lbs. He is growing like a weed. He wears 3 month clothes and even some of those are getting tight. We are starting to attend a Mom and Baby support group on Tuesday mornings. We are developing a good routine with feeding, awake time and sleeping. He gets many kisses and hugs. What a sweet baby he is! Shrade is a special creation of God. Thank you, God, for our precious son!

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