Wednesday, December 31, 2008

God's faithfulness to the Knowlton's in 2008

As this year of 2008 draws to a close I want to reflect on the faithfulness of God to our family. As many of you know, Jeremy had a back injury in 2006. This started a string of events that led us to further put our trust in God for all things in our lives. We did not anticipate the ups and downs this circumstance would bring, but through it God brought us closer together and closer to Him.

As 2008 began, Jeremy was finishing his last semester of retraining at Clover Park Technical College in Environmental Science. This was paid for by the state labor department. We were also getting worker's compensation through the state due to Jeremy's previous back injury. When school would end, our compensation would stop as well. During this time Jeremy vigorously applied for jobs and we kept praying for the right one for him. It was discouraging at times, but he still persevered and always had a positive attitude.

At Easter we found out we were expecting and our baby would be born in November. We were thrilled, yet scared. I was still teaching Kindergarten, but it was always on hearts that when we had children that I would stay at home. At this point in time everything was opposite- I had a job with great health benefits, but we kept praying for Jeremy to get a job and that his health benefits would take the place of mine and I could stay home. Many tears were shed in the coming months, yet we knew God had a plan.

Jeremy finished school on June 13. He also had an interview at McFarland Cascade Lumber on June 11. On June 25, Jeremy was offered the job at McFarland and we also received our last check from the state that same day! His income would afford me to stay at home AND his health benefits kicked in the day after he started work and included my pregnancy! What an answer to prayer! We had prayed and hoped that this was God's will.

It's been six months and Jeremy loves his job. Our precious son, Shrade, was born on Thanksgiving and I am at home with him and loving it. We thank the Lord for His provision and always look to Him for everything. We pray that 2009 will continue to show God's faithfulness to us as we experience the ups and downs of life.

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